A Tribute To Sonata Arctica

by Ouergh Records

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Joe Madera
Joe Madera thumbnail
Joe Madera A great album from a great band, interpret by other great bands. Of course it´s great :D Favorite track: FullMoon.
Erick Campos
Erick Campos thumbnail
Erick Campos There are some tracks not worth the time, some others that tried to emulate Sonata and failed, but indeed there are some TRIBUTE songs, this is the case of My Land by Dyscordia, a very-different-from-the-original tune but with lots of Sonata evocations which make just the harsh vocals fit rich into place. Good Dyscordia, you've just earned a potential fan. All in all, It's an ok album
Marek thumbnail
Marek This is the most unfortunate buy I have ever done in my life. Some songs are like cats killing sounds mixed with opera. Favorite track: Letter To Dana.
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Ouergh Records are proud to present 'A Tribute To Sonata Arctica'; a collection of Sonata Arctica cover tracks performed by bands from around the world.

A tribute album in its purest form, this release features fantastic new recordings of classic Sonata Arctica songs performed by their musical peers, as well as younger artists who are truly influenced by the Finnish power metal masters.

Eternal gratitude goes towards our supporters on Kickstarter, who helped make this album possible:

Ada Laabes, Alan Millard, Alan O'Keefe, Alan Scott, Alexander Bindewald, Alexander Souter, Alex Worthington, Allison Schaldach, Andreas Pelz, Andrew Cobb, Andrew Weyandt, Angren, Anthony James Thompson, Ben Tripisciano, Brad Kalmanson, Brandon Hicks, Brendan McNamara, Bryan Lee, Carina Scheiberlich, Carlos Pacheco, Carole Reason, Catherine Scrase, Catherine Scott, Chris Kraftchick, Christian Trommestad, Christoph Hollfelder, Christopher Smith, Claudia Schmidt, Colin Scott, Colin Wood, Conny Larsson, Cooper Valasek, Dallas Handcock, Daniel Carpenter, Daniel Mason, Dániel Printz, Dany Thibault, David Fehilly, David Noble, David Rapp, Davide Mattia Coatti, Derek Ives, Drew Charles Camarena, Dufraisse Yoann, Elise Smit, Elizaveta Matveeva, Eric Hinck, Eric Spaak, Eric Tjader, Esa Nuutinen, Fabian Richardt, Felicia Magnusson, Francisco J Grez A., Frank van Gent, Gerson Noboa, Glen Oakley, Graciela Pedrero, Graham Hill, Guido Voskamp, Gupti Singh, Hanne Verwichte, Heather Jackson, Ina Okonska, Isabella Lin, Jack Adam Ryan, Jack Williams, James Fagan, James Lopez Prieto, James Shearer, Jan Luis Duclerc-Rivera, Jean-Pierre Chasse, Jeff Freer, Jeremy Garcia, Jeroen Custers, Joakim Wik, Johanneke Logtenberg, Jorrit van Bennekom, Joseph Balasabas, Josh Jordan, Julia Brauch, Kaitlin Mueller, Kay Könemund, Kevin Jackisch, Kevin Mathisen, Kevin Patti, Kyle Royer Larry Chandler, Laura Strano, Layne M. Allen, Liam Barrett, Lisa Madden, Lisa Marie Wirries, Lievens Jorrit, Louise Peroti Andersson, Lucas Oliva, Lucas Persson, Luis Faura, Luke Ward, Lyam Coe, Magda Černá, Manfred Justies, Marc Costa Sitjà, Maria Schneider, Marius Røssås, Markus Lovric, Mart-Jan Verhage, Mathieu Babin, Mathieu Emering, Matthew Topping, Mervi Lampinen, Michael Francis, Michael Gagné, Michael Müri, Michael Orschel, Miikka-Matias Hinkkanen, Mike Diaz, Nathan Caraviello Couto, Nathan Richards, Niclas Wattum, Nicolas Clémot, Oliver Hilt, Oliver Steckmeier, Pascal Dieckmann, Patrick Scanlan, Paul Morris, Pedro Fernandes Macedo, Rachel Hillabrand, Rachel Jordan, Rainer Kerber, Ralph Gasser, Raymond Din, Rob Wilkison, Robert Hanly, Robert Sutherland-Smith, Robin Wilson, Roderick McIlwraith, Roumen Ganeff, Ryan Gutsche, Sacha Dürig, Sami Haapala, Sascha Hallex, Shona McNicoll, Siavash Nezhad, Siobhan O'Laoghaire Sannes, Sondre Nakken Høivik, Stanislav Rokos, Stefan Häsler, Stefan Hilbrich, Stefan Ritter, Steph Colquhoun, Steve Kerr, Steven Lyons, Steven Shields, Suzana Valença, Sven Brinkert, Tasmara Reuling, Tobias Hillebrand, Tobias Leppänen, Tom Atkinson, Tomáš Bachtík, Ton van Lint, Toni Higgs, Tony Cosens, Travis Green, Trine Johansen, Vincent Reuling, Vincent Van Dyck, Vitor Emanuel Gomes Gouveia, Vladimir Heiskanen, William Robertson

Mastered by Pasi Kauppinen at Studio57, Finland.

Artwork by Jan Yrlund


released September 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Ouergh Records Glasgow, UK

Scottish Rock/Metal Record Label.

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